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Because every change begins inside you.

It always begins with you.You are the medicine, the answer, the solution.

Transform your health by transforming your habits. Transform your habits by transforming your mindset.Transform your mindset by getting to know yourself, what you like, what works for you, what doesn't &  what needs to go out of your life.

  • Two Payment Option

    Every month
    8 Sessions Pack
    Valid for 2 months
    • One Time Payment

      8 Sessions Pack
      Valid for 2 months
      • 8 Sessions Pack

    If you've found your way here,

    Chances are:

    You're tired of making yourself the same promise every year, month, or week that you will start making better choices with food, making time to exercise,  and picking up better habits that will improve your overall health, but you don't know where to begin or haven't find the time to do it.

    You might feel overwhelmed by all the information available, and you no longer know what's true, where to begin, how to do it, or what you actually need to get to your goal.

    Lastly, you don't want to chase trendy diets, experiment with routines that are not sustainable, and don't align with your needs and lifestyle, but you need help to get you started and create an action plan that you will be able to keep up with and adapt as your life changes.

    Are you ready to give yourself one more chance?

    Hands-on is an  8-week program for INNER TRANSFORMATION  that would take you to the action.

    Inner transformation for better health and a better life.

    How it works?

    You will have coaching sessions every week. Together, we'll do a 360 check-in of your lifestyle,  health, mindset, habits, goals, and aspirations to find the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

    You will have the tools to understand yourself better, create habits that fill you with a sense of fulfillment, and support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Do you want to give yourself one more chance and do things differently, stay consistent with your habits, and keep up the promises you made to yourself?

    Introducing to you:

    personalized services
    What we'll do:

    For eight weeks, you will have eight one-on-one coaching calls with Yessica, one every week. Together, we will work hand in hand, using an integrated approach to make the most of our time and your journey.

    During the first session, we will conduct a 360-degree check-in of your lifestyle, health, mindset, habits, goals, and aspirations to find the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. From there, we will create an action plan that is sustainable over time, adapts to your needs and goals, and takes you to action.

    In the following calls, you will learn more tools that will help you practice everything you learn in our calls and maintain it over time, especially when you don't feel motivated to keep going. Self-awareness, self-reflection, and multidimensional health are tools that you will learn about to help you understand yourself better in different transitions of life.

    Hads on
    1:1 coaching

    Getting to know yourself would be the starting point of this transformation program. As your coach, I'm the expert on my material, but who is the expert on you? Who knows more about you than anyone else, is YOU? And I am here to remind you of that. To find the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be,  we'll work on identifying what your belief system is, fears, thought patterns, and your inner dialogue to use this as information to understand why everything you tried before didn't work until now, and from there create an action that works for you and re-program your mindset, so you can integrate your new way of doing things.

    Each aspect of health -physical,  mental, emotional, and spiritual is interconnected and influences all parts of our body.  In order to achieve a long-lasting transformation, we'll work hand in hand with a holistic approach because you cannot have the body of your dreams without good mental health or have a thriving career but lacking health.


    Everything in this program is designed to take you to the practice, especially on the days you feel like quitting. In the action, you will find the freedom to decide what, how, and when works best for you. You will feel empowered to take charge of your health, life, wants and needs, dreams, and goals just by giving yourself one more chance today.

    What you get:
    • Eight weeks of Support,
    • 8 1:1 coaching calls,
    • Notes after calls, with additional tools to help you take everything to the action,
    • 360 check-in tool,
    • 5 Habits to stick with this year pdf,
    • Accountability and Support by email or chat.

    Why wait to take action now?

    Take the first step here

    If you have questions about the program and how we can work together schedule a free clarity call.

    If you already decided this program is what you need, and don't wan to wait anymore to begin

    Having Yessica as my health coach is a game-changer. Our weekly sessions have become my time to focus on myself and my health, sort out my life, and live better.



    Hi, I'm Yessica your coach, and founder of SCH.

    I just want to tell you two things. One, I understand how you feel, because I was there too, feeling that something had to change but now knowing where to start, questioning everything, overthinking everything, not knowing what my next step would be to have a better health, a better life, to feel comfortable in my own skin, to learn how to help myself process life challenges, how stop sabotaging myself, how to reach my goals, it became a cycle until the day I stop postponing myself for another day or waiting to feel motivated or discipline. I gave myself one chance and I gave me permission to start from the begging, to ask for help and take action, and that lead me to my inner transformation, was it easy NOPE,do I look back now and thank that Yessica of 23-24 for being brave, and making progress one step, one thought, one habit, one day at the time, YES, because without that first step I gave back then I wouldn't be here today.

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